Fokkerij van IJslandse Paarden

Fokken voor het beste resultaat maar ook tevreden met super aangename rijpaarden

Welcome to Nyttland

Nyttland is the stable for Icelandic Horse breeding of Arjen Heerema, Peter Donderwinkel and Sjaak Smeeing.

In breeding Icelandic Horses we have the principle that it all starts with a good mare. That mare is what we’ve long been looking for in the past. Our idea is that with above average breeding material (both mother and father preferably with a FIZO score above eight) we’ll generate above average offspring. In doing this we not only pay attention to test figures, although they do provide a lot of information. But we also aim for a good character and sports results.

Of the results we have achieved over the last ten years you will find examples on our site. But also a few horses that we didn’t breed but can be used for breeding.

When you breed two to three foals per year you have to sell a horse so every now and then. We invite you to have a look at our horses for sale on this site.

We are pleased to see you